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In addition to her private practice, Monica Schiller partners with select physicians and healthcare professionals to offer health coaching services on both an in-person and virtual basis.  


Such services can complement a practice's existing suite of health and wellness offerings or permit a practice to offer new services to patients. Healthcare practitioners often find that engaging the services of a health coach not only produces better outcomes for their patients but also permits a more enjoyable and lucrative practice.


More specifically, the reality is that physicians and providers typically do not have time during appointments to address all of the lifestyle changes necessary to implement the physician's recommendations. Adding health coaching services to a practice permits health coaches to focus on implementing sustainable changes while freeing the provider to see new patients and focus on more pressing (and higher-fee) issues during appointments for existing patients.  The result is that patients get the support they need in between physician appointments and have more overall satisfaction with the practice as a whole.   


Monica Schiller currently works with providers in the greater Philadelphia region, however, she can work with providers independent of location. Please contact Monica to discuss flexible arrangements depending on the needs of your practice. 

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