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I’ve been honored to work with some amazing human beings and am deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences. 

Jessica K.


"After working with Monica I've noticed that I can ease up on my dieting restrictions while still maintaining my weight and my exercise schedule. My portion sizes are more appropriate and I am not overeating to soothe emotions. Since working with Monica, I have been learning to be less self-critical and more self-compassionate. I am more aware of what my body needs to eat and that makes me eat healthier and feel better about myself."

Lauren A.


"My family and I attended as a group and it was wonderful to see the person in our family who dictates the dieting antiquate find the freedom to be forgiving of herself. This allowed her to be less critical of the rest of us. In the end, I achieved the ability to cut my intake by listening to my body’s cues that I had become satiated. I no longer put restrictions on the kinds of foods I chose to eat."

Mike G.


I was introduced to Monica through the fitness studio where I train.  She brought a unique perspective to the concept of why and what we eat.  It’s not a product based program or even diet plan attached to numbers.  IT IS an education program that focuses on how people “feel” and gaining a better understanding of why we “think” we are hungry and how we deal with those moments.  Monica is very bright, interested in each of her clients and easy to talk to about any issue!  She helped me gain some fresh angles of thinking about food.

Dave M.


"I learned that weight loss doesn't always equate with good health. Depriving one's self of foods you enjoy will work against you.  Eat satisfying foods and stop when your body is satisfied"

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