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Gluten Is Not For Me

1) Create a Celiac Safe Kitchen
Converting your kitchen to gluten-free can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to know where to start. I will come to your house to work on it together.


- We will go through your cabinets, pantry and kitchen 

- We will sort out the gluten-free, non gluten-free and ambiguous items 

- We will make a list of the items we would like to find gluten-free as we remove the gluten containing items

- We will discuss how to implement a gluten-free kitchen or a mixed kitchen


2) Supermarket Support


Grocery shopping in a supermarket with a celiac diagnosis can be stressful. I will go through the supermarket with you to support and guide you through the process. 


- We will come up with a grocery list 

- We will go to a supermarket of your choice and go through the aisles together

- We will discuss your comfort level when assessing labels 

- We will learn to read labels and how to evaluate an item 

*For those in the Philadelphia area my sessions are in-person though virtual support is an option. For those not in the area virtual support is available. 

Please contact for more details. 

Monica Schiller
Gluten Is Not For Me

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