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Nutrition Coaching

Why don't diets work?
We get SO excited for our "last supper" where we eat our forbidden foods and are absolutely positive we will NEVER eat them again.  Just. This. Last. Time. Well, let's be real.  We will eat these foods again, most likely soon after the diet began, and then we feel bad about ourselves.  We feel guilty and let down, and promptly eat those forbidden foods in excess.  We then set a date when we will for sure stop eating all of those "bad" foods, have our "last supper" again and the cycle continues.
What if...
  • you were free to eat what you wanted with out counting calories or carbs?
  • you ate when you were hungry?
  • you stopped eating when you were full?
  • you had a positive, healthy relationship with food?
  • you didn't have to play by your food rules?
We will use an intuitive eating evidence-based approach to change our mindset and behaviors to implement a functionally nutritious way of eating to lead a stronger, healthier life.  
Please contact for more information. 

Monica Schiller
Gluten Is Not For Me

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