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Clients often tell me that winter is the hardest time of year for them to stay on track as heavy sweaters can mask our poor eating habits.  Then, summer comes and all of a sudden the mindset shifts.  Now, my clients say summer is the most difficult time to eat healthy! 

Truthfully, I think summer is the most difficult season for people.  I know this is true for myself as well.  It is difficult to remain motivated and on track when it is so easy to sit on a nice patio, eat a huge meal and d...

April 12, 2018

If you are someone that loves dieting and the process of restricting the foods you love, read no further.  If you are someone that has tried diets and are so tired of all the rules that don't work for your lifestyle or your body, please read on!

Let's start with what intuitive eating is!  Intuitive eating is a process where we eat based on being hungry or full and not based on whether or not you should be eating a particular food at a specific time.  Period.  Full stop.  Simply put, you eat when you a...

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