Hi, I'm Monica!
I help women who are tired of trying the next fad diet and restricting foods only to be frustrated when nothing changes. Instead of feeling guilty when eating and ashamed of your body, you will become a normal eater and settle into your natural weight so you can gain energy and be HAPPY!   

"There is nothing so stable as change."

-Bob Dylan

Monica is a virtual health coach that also sees clients in the Greater Philly area. She is so excited to work with you to achieve your health goals!
Monica most recently worked as a Physician Assistant in medical weight management and graduated with her BS in nutrition at the top of her class. She previously practiced as a PA at New York Presbyterian Columbia and Cornell in NYC. Monica has trained with Wellcoaches and the Institute for Functional Medicine and believes in an integrative approach to both medicine and nutrition.  
Along with her private practice, Monica also partners with select physicians and healthcare providers. Please contact her to learn more. 
Monica Schiller
Nutrition & Wellness LLC
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